Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Movie Review: Wow, guess what I watched.

So Blogsphere,

I've told you my love of comics, movies, video games, and pretty much all things geeky and asian right? So guess what I found last night? Here's a hint: it's a movie based on a manga turned into a famous anime series that's slated for release this year that has a whole lot of fighting it it and characters with names that translate into stuff like rice, carrot, and vegetable and everyone yells and screams for a long time.

Guess yet?

That's right, I found Dragonball Evolution online, and let me tell you: its even better than what you imagined from the trailers. Seriously. If you lived in 1990, and this movie came out, you would soil yourself. With great lines like "I made a promise I wouldn't fight." and the retort being "Oh it won't be a fight." (character pours beer or "drink" on the ground) "It's going to be a massacre." and characters that meet for the first time and become friends in under 2 minutes to the point that they're coining terms together like DBE (dragon ball energy XD) you know you've got a winner on your hands.

(I know I've got huge run-on sentences going but I don't care I'm talking about Dragonball Evolution XD)

I can't wait to write full review of this movie, because honestly so far, this has got to 2009's funniest movie yet. I can't stop laughing at least. I'll get you a review as soon as I can.

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