Monday, March 9, 2009

Adventures in sickness

Hello Blogsphere,

I wish I had more to say coming back from my absence that was positive, but all I've been is terribly sick therefore work came to a standstill. No longer though, I just made a ton of headway today, and while I can't show anything to you yet you'll just have to trust me as I'm very proud of myself for doing so. I've written my 2nd issue to FN, and my 1st issue to my new comic Of Saints and Suicides (it's a working title.)

Saints and Suicides is about a girl named Joan who works at a crisis center, who gets a call from a man who wants to end his life. After she saves him, he begins calling her back, and they develop a relationship of kinds. Joan is helping him, but she's got no idea just exactly what she's helping him with...

Was that cryptic enough to sound enticing? ^_^

I'm happy with the progress so far, but I've got to get things together to get these puppies into production. You can look forward to seeing more by the time you see your first summer blockbuster movies. Speaking of such things...

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