Wednesday, January 14, 2009

things about my finished comic...

Hello again blogsphere,

My comic blog has more about my obsessive movie watching, than comic endeavors. I've got some work on hand, but I don't actually have the tech to post it, namely since I don't own my own computer -_-

The book I've got coming out is called Fashionable Nonsense, and like most titles I think, it's about exactly that. While it's mostly pretentious of myself to actually call the book "fashionable", when I'm the farthest from such, it is very much about nonsense.

The story focuses on a protagonist named Emery Bowen, who basically has given up on his dreams and such. Of course, simply impossible circumstances occur when he's hit by a car, which sends him to the lair of the Dammed Director, in which he strikes a deal to find some fun/inspiration in his life again (against his will, and with a price of course). So he wakes up in the house of a one Mona, and her strange roommates, and suddenly his life is lots more interesting.

While I don't know if the book is interesting or not, it's my intention to actually craft some kind of story worth reading out of this setup. It's a work in progress, what can I say? All I know is that it's full of my own little observations from pop culture, and that I'm straining to make it as funny as possible. I've got plans for the puppy, but they require lots more support than a blog I write at work ^o^

Anywhoos, I should have some work to show by this weekend I'd hope, but we'll see. Till then, I guess it'll be hanging around in orbit...

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