Monday, January 19, 2009

eve of the new presidency

Well hello there blogsphere,

It's approximately 11:24pm here as I write this, watching Koyaanisqatsi incidentally, and I feel compelled to say something about tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow is inauguration day, the beginning of the 44th president's term in office.

I state these things to say, I didn't do anything for Obama.

I did vote for him. I did support him. But ultimately, I did nothing to actually help with the progression of his campaign. Although the weight of my inaction does weigh heavily upon me, it also helped me to realize something. Obama won because people wanted him to win. People put time and effort into making sure that he was the one who got in office. Many, many people.

Obama is nothing short of an inspiration, and I think he's succeeded in opening people's eyes to the potential of individuals beyond stereotyping (at least I should hope he has...). He's someone to aspire to be, but we can't just simply rely upon him to change the world. Yeah, that's been said before I'd bet, but I'd like to add my two cents in on it anyway.

I don't know what you think, but I'd say the odds were stacked against this guy. After I heard what he was about, yes, I wanted to vote for him, but I didn't think he'd win. Either way, he's not the point. What this nation did as a whole, is. I'm certain that Obama is going to be a great president, but will people ever get together like that again? Will people be able to perceive what should be, as opposed to what shouldn't be that clearly again?

Granted, voting is essentially very easy to perceive, and even easier to act on. Obama is going to be great, but he's not going to fix the world by himself. Maybe I'm doubting him too much, maybe he can singlehandedly do so, others have. All I'm saying is that I see a great potential in my fellow man now; the potential to come and move forward on one accord together. There are bigger problems facing our nation besides the level of comfort we're able to enjoy in our country.

I think that Obama should be used as an example, or even a rally point to actually right the wrongs we have in our society. I'm not going to give examples because I think that if you're alive, and over the age of 16 I'm sure that you can see problems with things around us. We don't need to stop by just voting another president into office; we need to move forward with the same fervor and clarity about the world around us, and change it for the better. It's possible.

I've seen what can happen when people move together, I just hope that we can continue to as a nation, and eventually as a world. Granted, it's very hypocritical for a person of my stature to make such statements, I was just thinking out loud. Don't hold it against me. Next time I'll put up a movie review or bit of my comic, I promise.

Oh yeah, Koyaanisqatsi is great by the way. If you like art, you should take time out to see it.


  1. Did you vote? Or are you just taking credit for all of us that did. For all of us who worked our butts off to raise awareness for our candidate. People like you make me sick. Your inactivity is typical of your generation. When are you going to wake up and realize that this is YOUR LIFE. And that you need to be active to make it happen. When are you going to realize that by not making your voice heard you have thrown up your hands in defeat. An absolute sign of weakness.

  2. Wow, I'm surprised I didn't see this till this late. First: Yeah, I voted. Second: No, I didn't raise awareness for the candidate in the typical standard fare. This was stated. You weren't reading. The point of my writing this is to acknowledge the fact that my inaction is unacceptable, that anyone's inaction is unacceptable. This world isn't that sort of place anymore. I'm announcing that I intend not to follow suit anymore. The problem is people like myself, exist in a world with people like yourself. People who honestly believe that their own opinions, thoughts, and actions reflect the whole of what they conceive to be right. It's that same small mindedness that's caused people to fear action, to fear making waves, or speaking their minds. People like yourself, that have dulled the minds of those around you with your view of the world. It doesn't matter if you're right or wrong. People deserve the right to make up their minds, to make choices based on fact and not the rhetoric of some holier than thou ignoramus. But I've given this "comment" enough time. Good luck in life anonymous. For one speaking of weakness, I don't see much strength in one hiding behind something so flimsy as a word, and not even a handle. Here's something for you to try next time you're thinking...well about anything: find out how much air you can smell at the bottom of a plastic bag.