Friday, May 1, 2009

Movie Reviews: The Solosit, Dead Snow, and Splinter

Hi blogsphere,

I know, long time no speak, but I come bearing the review of a great horror flick! Actually I've seen a few movies of note, one being The Soloist, and the other being Dead Snow.

The Soloist was a bit of a letdown considering the actors and director involved, though that's not saying it's not worth watching. To me, it falls along the lines of another Slumdog Millionaire; meaning that it's a look at another lifestyle, drastically different than most of our own. Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx both play their roles well, and Joe Wright (director of Atonement) do a good job of illustrating the story, but their efforts are undermined by that of the story.

Dead Snow on the otherhand, is nothing short of b-movie goodness. I've been looking forward to seeing this, as it runs along the same lines as Hysteric Psycho, nonetheless it didn't dissapoint. With Zombie Nazis, and a forign cast, you can't really do too much wrong. The gore was over the top, the characters were cardboard, it's just a great b-movie to laugh and have fun with.

But what I just recently watched, is by far, the best horror movie I've seen in a long time.

Splinter is a nail-biting, skin crawling, scary horror film. A suburban couple decides to go on a camping trip for their anniversary, and on their way pick up a young couple whose truck has broken down. The pair are taken hostage, as it turns out the couple happen to be criminals on the run. Forced to drive to the border, they stop at a gas station to prepare, discovering it vacant. This is where their trouble begins.

I found this movie actually scary. Everything is well done. I mean everything. The special effects, the actors, the directing, I couldn't find a fault with this movie. Nothing was hokey, or cheesy about this, and the way that the settings, and characters worked with each other made everything seem believeable. That, and the suspense is so viceral, I found myself actually jumping and cringing at only 15 minutes in. Honestly, if you like horror, this is a total must watch.

Oh yeah, I've noticed that I've slacked on the comic updates. What can I say, I'm poor. I'll post more as soon as I get some things worth showing, but rest assured there will be more.

Till next time ^_^

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