Monday, June 29, 2009

After a day on the internet.

Oh, here's something I didn't post blogsphere. I don't know why I'm posting it now, but it was there, so I figured why not?

Okay blogsphere I've got something of a statement to post,

Overall from day to day, the media I observe happens to be decidedly negative. I don't watch too much television for that reason, but at the same time, media extends from many sources. Eventually if one absorbs enough of it, humans can become extensions of the media they absorb, and thus retain a decidedly negative outlook on the world around them.

People begin to clash with one another in simple conversation, it's almost like miniature wars; one side argues against another side to prove that they're right, and gain whatever minute reward that can be attained from such conflict. It extends to each and every person, creating a world of conflict in which we all must endure.

Or does it?

There is without a doubt a negative aspect to the world around us, and probably to a majority there are many problems. There aren't though. From what I can see, people are out talking about, participating in, and most importantly: creating positive things. I suppose it's actually taken me this long to realize this myself, but I'm saying it anyway. While there are negative things in all of our lives, you can't simply focus on those aspects. There are many things all around us that you can find enjoyment in, but you have to be willing to recognize what they are, and really take them in.

I find that I like art quite a bit. From photography, to concepts for video games, I very much enjoy what people create, and for those things to exist, there have to be positive minds producing them. The existence of art in the world alone (and art in abundance mind you) is a statement to the fact that there are positives all around us at all times.

I don't know why I'm saying this really. Probably just a reminder for myself on one day or another, but I thought it needed to be said. Take that for what you will.

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